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ART: It’s Curtains for Niklas Roy’s “My Little Piece of Privacy”

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When George Orwell penned 1984, thereby popularizing the term “Big Brother,” I don’t think he had Niklas Roy’s brand of pervasive surveillance in mind. That is, Roy’s “My Little Piece of Privacy” subverts the Orwellian concept of Big Brother. For Roy, Big Brother is no longer an invasion of privacy, but rather a protection of it (from Little Brother?).

Ironically, though, as Roy states, the curtain is “an attempt to create more privacy inside,” it does just the opposite. Again, in Roy’s words, the “moving curtain attracts the looks of people which usually would never care about my window.”  Thus, in Roy’s case, to attempt privacy is to restrict it.

If you find this funny, which I think you might, then you should check out www.niklasroy.com.


Scott Warfe

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