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There’s Something in the Red Wine: Pepper Rabbit’s Beauregard

pepper rabbit Theres Something in the Red Wine: Pepper Rabbits Beauregard

Like a patient bunny, I’ve been waiting for Pepper Rabbit’s debut album, Beauregard to release. Finally, the time has come – as of October 26th, the world will be able to get their hands on this gem.

Pepper Rabbit is comprised of Xander Singh and Luc Laurent – friends and clearly musical soulmates – they compliment each other like a fine wine and cheese, perfectly giving and taking when appropriate song after song.

The album opens with the sultry “Clarinet Song,” and is so intricate in its compilation of instrumental sounds, it’s hard to believe there are only two members in this band. Their voices melt together as if creating an entirely new instrument unto itself. Their harmony gliding and echoing each note as they coo: “No more patience” over and over again as the song musically ascends onto a higher ground, as if almost heavenly in it expectations for itself.

“Red Wine,” is a beautiful piano-based ballad that I’ve had on repeat for days: “Drink ‘til you’re sick/Another pill box waiting for you/You’ve got your keys when you stumble at the bar/Screaming ‘Hey it’s not that far, I think I’ll be okay’/Swerving down the road/Throwing up out the window/I think I know who drank my red wine/My red wine…” Gorgeously, the line “my red wine” repeats until almost the end of the song, then closing full of emotion with: “Let’s all write about you…” Singh’s voice is flawless. “Snowalker” is next in this line-up of exquisite songs, and is a refreshing take on folk music, with its almost soft-shoe shuffle beat, but again, Singh’s voice transports you some place else, far outside the realm of traditional folk.

There are not enough good, or rather great things, I can say about this album. I could sit here and go through each song, but why ruin a delightful surprise? Simply, Pepper Rabbit’s Beauregard is one of the finest albums of 2010, and maybe even 2009 and 2008, too. It’s poignant, as all great albums should be; it’s refined without losing its endearing lo-fi edge, and a remarkable collaboration between two musicians that are about to become full-fledged rockstars. Something this good can’t be kept under wraps forever.

By: Amanda Chatel

“Red Wine” live:

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