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This Week’s Past Life: “A False Memory Would Be Everything”

mogwai This Week’s Past Life: “A False Memory Would Be Everything”

Mogwai: Rock Action

2001, Matador

Mogwai was my introduction into the post-rock genre. It was their 1999 album, Come on Die Young, that immediately attracted my attention – first because the name of the album, secondly because it was something of which I had never heard. Post-rock is heavily instrumental, the lyrics are few and far between. Although lyrically, it is just as moving as the melodies themselves, the songs do not require them as post-rock bands tend to display an explosion of wordless emotion, conveying a lifetime worth of stories without a single syllable.

In 2001, Mogwai released what would become my favorite album by them: Rock Action; it also contains two of my most favorite songs of all time: “Take Me Somewhere Nice,” and “Close Encounters.” As with all albums I like to highlight during “This Week’s Past Life,” Rock Action is yet another record that I have listened to thousands of times and one that has helped define the person I am today. I wish I could come up with another word besides “beautiful,” but sometimes “beautiful” is just enough. Mogwai, the five-piece band from Glasgow are beautiful and captivating, and definitely worth a listen if you’ve not yet heard them.

By: Amanda Chatel

“2 Rights Make 1 Wrong” from Rock Action:

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