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GUEST POST: Plastic Flowers on Mode Moderne

mode moderne music GUEST POST: Plastic Flowers on Mode Moderne

Mode Moderne-Radio Heartbeat

Mode Moderne-Les Neuf Soeurs

Guest Post from: Sean of Plastic Flowers

Mode Moderne-

So many bands these days seem to spend half their time trying to run away from their influences. Hiding them in effects and silly fomulas (Surf Rock + The Smiths, Early REM + Weezer + Reverb), and i always appreciate bands that don’t bother. They consider themselves part of a continuum. They understand that the idea of “revival” music doesnt really make sense if that style of music has never stopped being made. Mode Moderne write great pop songs with an obvious influence streak. I think that frees them up to find their own sound within the genre. A song like “Radio Heartbeat” has every reason to be a huge hit. Not because it is trying to trick you into thinking it’s more than a great pop song, but because it is just a great pop song.


Get Mode Moderne‘s album Ghosts Emerging HERE

Plastic Flower releases HERE

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