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GUEST POST: Sweet Bulbs on Psychothriller

psychothriller big june and the supple moon GUEST POST: Sweet Bulbs on Psychothriller

Psychothriller- Autumn leaves

Guest post from: Sweet Bulbs

Psychothriller were a short-lived duo based out of Brooklyn and New Brunswick, respectively. Mike and Nick made noodling, stretched walls of sound with their drums and guitars; out of focus and lackadaisical yet sonically sweet. They existed somewhere between a whitewashed garage act and rambling adolescent shoegazers. The guitar drove most of their songs, with sparse and delicately appropriate drum kit work, something like Sterling Morrison’s. The vocals add color, or perhaps better put hue, to the act – barely breaking through Nick is a residue, felt more in his echoes than in his actual delivery. But the result of this free for all of music jargon is distorted shadow-addled guitar pop. And it’s quite good.

Nick told me that this song of theirs – called “Autumn Leaves” – is actually just the old jazz standard, which I don’t believe. I used to tell him it sounded more like Isn’t Anything. But it does make you think.

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