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FASHION: Erica Domesek P.S. I made this…

ps i made this

Erica Domesek
is a brilliant craftsman changing the world of Do-It-Yourself. Taking high fashioned, expensive clothing, and making them herself. “I see it. I like it. I make it,” is the motto she works for, the motto she lives by. Being the crafty individual she is, Erica was inspired to write this book, “P.S.- I made this“.

If you’re anything like me and many other DIYers out there, and want to do something creative, but just don’t know how to construct it, or initially go about it, then this book is for you. Or if you don’t know anything about doing it yourself, or have all the technology just no inspiration, this book has a little bit of everything for everyone. Erica Domesek has done a wonderful thing, wrote about it, bound it, and is now taking the culture of DIY up to a whole new level.

By Syd Agee

ps i made this fashion FASHION: Erica Domesek P.S. I made this...

ps. i made this FASHION: Erica Domesek P.S. I made this...

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