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PHOTOGRAPHY: Community in the City of Despair

zine1 PHOTOGRAPHY: Community in the City of Despair

Canadian T. Reilly Hodgson wants to show you that life is not always posed, manufactured and pretty.  Instead, through his “Count Me Out Zine”, Hodgson wants to show you the seedy, vibrant and raw side of life in the city of Toronto. His images are shocking and provocative, which is meant to be a compliment. Without such things, this would be yet another attempt to illustrate the cool side of a Canadian city and its inhabitants. Rather, Hodgson strives to demonstrate perverse, real life in its simplest, basest form. Being flashy and a provocateur are two things that don’t necessarily mesh well together. Because Hodgson uses simple equipment, some black and white settings and different subject matter, the result isn’t pretentious; instead it is honest about the way some people choose to live their lives.

Hodgson captures adolescence, frivolity, destruction and pure happiness in a way that only someone who is in the throes of all that can. At 22, Hodgson creates a world where the seemingly desperate are in fact the only truly happy people around. Some images may be shocking but these pictures are making no assumptions or apologies on what they should or should not be.

Hodgson currently works on his other zine, “Blood of the Young”, which similarly tries to capture youth, new aesthetics, collaboration and DIY.

zine2 PHOTOGRAPHY: Community in the City of Despair

zine3 PHOTOGRAPHY: Community in the City of Despair

Blood of the Young

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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