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GUEST POST: Babe,Terror on Spencer Owen

spencer owen music GUEST POST: Babe,Terror on Spencer Owen

Guest post from: Babe ,Terror

The artist I’d like to present, in the case you guys don’t know him yet, is Spencer Owen. This guy is one the pop masters of this generation, and deserves more attention, really. I first came across him researching and seeking out for underground music in the web, which is something I always loved to do. He is from Oakland, California, and I reached his myspace (he did quit on myspace, there is no myspace page anymore) and then several labels or projects he was engaged with. One of these, of which Spencer is one of the founders i believe, is ballbearings pinatas, and they put the very first record by ariel pink out.

To be a fan of spencer owen is not one of the easiest jobs around, i can tell you. He is first a journalist or something, and he makes records following a sudden and occasional clock; it’s really difficult to say what really is his discography, since he has lots of experiments around, lots of non official stuff, lost tracks (sometimes i ask him to send me something i know he made but is not around). He is engaged with 3 or 4 labels, the media doesn’t speak about him quite oftenly. He releases some tracks with nicknames. His 2008 piece, “The light touch”, is out of catalogue. It rocks, srsly. Well, what i wanna say is that he is a cool artist to be fan of. His songs are so “regular” pop, but so adventurous. I don’t know, he is so special, but sounds so familiar, and his lo-fi sensibility taught a lot to me. He has mixed talents of eno, coyne, panda bear, max tundra, pollard, costello, ariel pink. he is a great music researcher also, and it’s reflected in his songwriting. my suggestion for the interested folks would be to get in touch with Gnome life records go the contact page and send an e-mail to spencer himself asking directly for “The light touch” album, also purchase what is out by gnome life, obvsly.
I don’t believe Spencer will blame me for this, I have put up two tracks I love from him for streaming, one from the self-released album “e.t.r” order it  here, another one is a lost track, listen here.
New Babe ,Terror eps are out on phonica, rough trade, juno, etc.

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