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FASHION: Beverly Hills 90210 Fashion Flashback

90210 fashion1 FASHION: Beverly Hills 90210 Fashion Flashback

With the whole green movement, we have learn to recycle. Plastic, paper, glass, okay. But what about our wardrobes? I know, I know, we all have hanging skeletons in our closets that should just stay there, yet there is this huge trend reminding us of the glorious time that was the 90s– better yet, Beverly Hills 90210. There was a character for each of us, and of course, a character we lusted for– style wise and everything in between. It was the perfect zip code, full of perfect people, and  perfect outfits.

The girls were all about the tight dresses, over sized blazers, and too-cool-for-school denim. Whilst the guys always looked out of bed ready with their button ups, white tees, and denim jackets. Everything was effortlessly sexy and still totally appropriate for whatever they were doing, you know, being good looking and all.

Now, eery designer known to man is taking authentic– but modern– elements of this amazing time period, slowly pushing us more and more into our 90s nostalgia. I hope you guys are ready because it’s going to be gnarly.

By Genesis Nadal

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