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The Other Luke Perry: Screech and the Medium Fries

screech and the medium fries The Other Luke Perry: Screech and the Medium Fries

Screech and the Medium Fries – star six seven

Previously the only way to fill the empty hole in your heart caused by the myths and thinly veiled lies of your childhood was to spend endless amounts of money on dvd box sets, or hope to find some late 80s  or early 90s relic, a Crazy Sexy Cool cassette tape perhaps, or a book about The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, a sweet Ninja Turtles sleeping bag at the thrift store. Spending HOURS scouring the google image search and YOUTUBE for clips of TGIF shows past. NOT THE BABY! Luckily, several bands have found away to quickly and easily impart that feeling to you with little effort required on your part. Screech and the Medium Fries are one such band, and in order to put yourself in the halcyon haze of a nostalgia coma, all you need to is to do is to listen to their music. It’ll throw you right back to the 90s in the sexiest and sleaziest way, kind of like the episode of Saved By the Bell where Jessie gets addicted to No Doze. I’m SOOOO EXCITEDDDDDD, about Screech and the Medium Fries. Hope you enjoy them.

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