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Mp3: Deerhoof and the Evil Inside-New album

deerhoof music Mp3: Deerhoof and the Evil Inside New album

Deerhoof seems to never stand still: between a band lifespan that exceeds a decade and a half and a catalogue as diverse as its members, Deerhoof constantly changes their sound and style. So upon hearing their first sample, The Merry Barracks, off of their upcoming lp, Deerhoof vs Evil, I instantly got excited. Admittedly I am only human; change is hard for me to accept, particularly with bands like Deerhoof who I have been brought up with. Yet for all intensive purposes, their new stuff sounds appropriate and, dare I say, more mature. With machine like percussions, synths, and distorted guitars, you wouldn’t have guessed that this was the same band that gave us Panda Panda Panda and Twin Killers. Yet by the chorus, it becomes instantly recognizable with Satomi Matsuzaki’s raspy yet eloquent voice. So as I sat in my living room with my stereo blaring, anticipating not only the album to come, but the inevitable tour to follow, I thought to myself: looks like a great rest of the year for me at least.

Pre-order Deerhoof’s Polyvinyl debut on pink vinyl HERE (only 2000 pressed)

- Cliff Drake

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