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Hot new web-series: The Multinauts, provide some rockin’ good times in Space

A few minutes into the new sci-fi show The Multinauts, I realized I was watching what would soon become an instant indie favorite. The adventure series revolves around three improbable heroes from varying ares of the universe, brought together in order to save the Multiverse from villain Oysters Rockafeller. They travel about on their trusty and wise starship Tetra, which guides them through hairy situations thanks to its vast knowledge gathered from “the elders”.

The aesthetic of the show recalls the TV shows and video games of an 1980′s childhood (I had a fond flashback to Space Invaders). It’s kitschy, but its quirkiness doesn’t overpower the series. It is clear through the clever dialogue, intriguing and creative set design/costumes that thought and talent are behind the show.  I was surprised and impressed to learn that The Multinauts is made by one woman, Jennifer Juniper Strafford, on a single computer. The DIY aspect adds a welcoming feel, making the viewer feel that they are being entertained by gifted and hip pals, as opposed to watching strangers on a computer screen.

The first two episodes of the series “Flashback” and “Mirror Man” start the show off with a great bang, thanks in part to the wonderful cameos made from a variety of pop cultures sources. One of the most notable and amusing comes from freak folk artist Ariel Pink of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. He plays a sewer mutant that two of the series’ heroes run into when they are transported to a sewer instead of a space preppies’ kegger. Not only does Ariel Pink show off his acting talents, but also gives a great musical performance of “Flashback”. If you look closely you can also see cameos from DJ Lance Rock of  Yo Gabba Gabba fame and satirical rapper Leslie Hall.

“Mirror Man” proves that The Mulinauts has staying power, starting the show with a hilarious scene of a characters playing a futuristic version of “Dungeons and Dragons” that I now really want to play. Following the vein of “Flashback”, this episode also has  some notable guest stars, including a haunting performance from lo-fi, tropical-goth singer Geneva Jacuzzi.

By: Stephanie Glass

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