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Deerhunter at 9:30 Club, Washington D.C., 10/12/10

Deerhunter Group Shot

Deerhunter’s lead singer Bradford Cox has built quite a reputation for providing his audience with some fierce live shows, such as performing with fake blood covering his face. This knowledge left me not knowing what to except when I entered the 9:30 club to see them perform their much hyped about October 12th show. Before delving into whatever Deerhunter had prepared, I and my fellow show attendees were granted two great opening acts. The first being an intimate set by psychedelic pop Ducktails, the solo project from lo-fi Real Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile. His simple, yet catchy lyrics “if you want to hang, you know I’m free all day” bring to mind a lazy summer day, and along with his shy demeanor, a personal feel was given to his performance. He was quickly followed by a trance inducing DJ set from intelligent dance music producer Casino Versus Japan. Some audience members complained that his performance was a bit boring (due to him sitting the entire time), but I simply closed my eyes and let his entrancing music wash over my mind. These two opening acts perfectly prepared the audience for the lo-fi, psychedelic, and ambient sounds Deerhunter expertly convey through their music.

Deerhunter Guitarist

Instead of engaging the audience with strange stage hi-jinks, Deerhunter produced a hypnotizing and powerful show through the simple, straight-forward act of playing their distinctive music. For the next hour and so, they memorized the almost sold-out crowd with a mix of songs from their entire nine year catalogue. The intensity portrayed through their live performance proved what a mature and original band they have become. My appreciation for their talent grew tenfold after seeing them live. I think it is safe to say from the rapt attention my fellow attendees displayed that they felt the same way.

Along with their older songs, they also provided a great selection from their must recent release, Halcyon Digest”, including a great rendition of the sweet and strangely uplifting song “Don’t Cry”.  Cox and the other members placed the crowd and myself under such a spell that even after an amazing  encore, which including an amazing rendition of “Spring Hall Convert” , we still stood around hoping that maybe the concert would continue all night, since we were already in such a dream state.

By: Stephanie Glass

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