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ART: Going Baroque

danielrichter 02 ART: Going Baroque

German artist Daniel Richter is possessed by a number of spirits; spirits like the ghosts of Pre-Raphaelite and Baroque past, the ghost of German history and the ghost of Christian iconography. Born in Berlin, Richter’s influence from popular modern European styles is clearly seen in his paintings, yet they seem to be deconstructed as well. The haunting allusion to the Pre-Raphaelite Ophelia floating down the river is seen in the larger androgynous body, its mouth wide open, and on-lookers, pale as the body, standing still. It’s beautiful, vibrant and chilling to see the water as a luminous, eerie green instead of blue.

The ghostly visions in each image, the use of shadows versus colours to highlight the subject of the painting and the splotches of bright neon colours to enhance it are just a few ways he seems to undermine traditional and acclaimed painting styles. He creates his own world in these images; thoughtfully plotted out in rich textures and life-like bodies illuminated in each painting.

DRichter 1 ART: Going Baroque

DRichter 2 ART: Going Baroque

DRichter 3 ART: Going Baroque

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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