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Mp3: ANR

anr music Mp3: ANR

Think a more acoustic, slightly indier Yeasayer. That’s kind of close to Miami’s ANR, but the annoying thing is, it’s not. I can’t pinpoint this music to a simple description, despite the fact that it’s not that unconventional. There’s some elements of Fleet Foxes-esque vocals in there, but with a more downbeat energy. There’s also whispers of Animal Collective protruding out of the chilled out late night jams, but almost in a mock fashion.

‘The Clap’ is probably their best song, simply because it can work around whatever mood you’re in and adapt as it pleases. It’s by far their slowest and most laid back, but the relaxed atmosphere it creates is something usually only found in the ambient genre, but there’s no hint of that here. ‘The Endless Field of Mercury’ is their other highlight, starting with a low-key piano supporting multi-layered vocals soon building into that Yeasayer comparison I mentioned.

Whether or not you’ll like them, ANR are worth listening to just to see if you can work out what it is that’s so endearing/repellant about them.

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