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Delightfully Depressing: Former Ghosts

formerghostspic Delightfully Depressing: Former Ghosts

I am definitely ADHD, especially when it comes to music. I listen to about 3 seconds of a song, and feel like I need to love it immediately. I’ll listen to records I was initially disinterested in, and wind up loving them years later when I’m paying full attention. When I first heard Former Ghosts, I heard the song “New Orleans,” well, more accurately I watched the video, which involves a lot of being cool, smoking cigarettes, sippin’ 40z and Jack etc.watch it here.I didn’t really know what to think. I was definitely thinking along the lines of Justice or Teenagers….very French electro pop, but then I heard the vocals and listened to a few more tracks and was very pleasantly surprised, even a little shocked. Music you can dance to is a dime a dozen, and Former Ghosts aren’t just that. They’re more like a prettier, poppier Blank Dogs, possibly at times even a little Radio Dept. musically speaking, at times. This is another example of a bunch of people from other bands you will recognize getting together on a project that is wonderfully different than anything they have done separately. The primary musician behind former Ghost is Freddy Rupart of This Song is a Mess but So Am I,  but On this record, New Love out November 9th, he is considerably more put together and less frantic, however just as morose, and amazing for the gray days ahead. Other contributors to the project include, Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu, Nika Roza from Zola Jesus, and Jasmine Kittles of TEARIST

Rachel Noel

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