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ART: Spray Paint and Landscapes

paul wackers art ART: Spray Paint and Landscapes

Simplistic and confusing. Geometric, measured and psychedelic. Landscapes are redefined by artist Paul Wackers in a paradoxical way by juxtaposing busy images within an image in a simple enough backdrop. Much like a kaleidoscope, Wackers’ art is filled with colour and luminous textures that jump right out at you. The background of each painting appears to be thoughtfully plotted out, structured and heavily reliant on technique; almost as if it was sculpted within the picture. However, the subject matter of the painting itself is like a collage of patterns, rich in scope, and unapologetic about its chaotic feel.

Almost all of the pictures take on a theme of wilderness or ones habitat. What is our habitat? By positioning the leafy, thriving landscape in the background with the harsh, chemical and almost industrial “home” or “living space”, Wackers is questioning our traditional views and our perception of home. Paintings like “Northern Passage”, featuring a bright sun in a box, Christmas trees in glass houses, with a myriad of colours, serve as discussion points on not only our viewpoint of landscapes but what we are doing to prevent their growth. Are we closing off our natural resources and beauty? What are we doing to our landscape?

paul wackers art.21jpg ART: Spray Paint and Landscapes

northern passage1 ART: Spray Paint and Landscapes

5.scales ART: Spray Paint and Landscapes

incubation ART: Spray Paint and Landscapes

object natural environment ART: Spray Paint and Landscapes

still life ART: Spray Paint and Landscapes

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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