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Wilco’s Being There, track one

wilco Wilcos Being There, track one

With the abandonment of the vinyl record as a popular medium, many bands have cast aside the careful selection of beginning, middle, and end tracks. Wilco’s Being There, despite being released in a largely anti-vinyl era–or at least one less accepting than what is now present–boasts an impressive opener: “Misunderstood.”

Being There, like any other Wilco album, has moments of gripping emotion, but the most heart-wrenching spot is certainly when Tweedy croons the album’s first lines. Misunderstood? Certainly anyone finding solace in a Wilco album possesses this attitude.

The lyrics beg to be screamed but are delivered with delicacy, slowly inciting a rage in Tweedy; the build-up is so slow and the explosion leaves much to desire.

“Misunderstood” is memorable for many reasons, but essential for only one: no other track on Being There could boast such a striking bitterness.

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