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Album: Hammocks and Honey “Spellbinder” out this fall

Spellbinder cover Album: Hammocks and Honey Spellbinder out this fall

Spellbinder is the first release from electronic duo Prudence Rees-Lee and Alex Nosek -Hammocks and Honey. Prudence is a classically trained cellist turned synth obsessive, while Alex is a member of experimental electronic outfit ii. Baroque chord progressions collide with hypnotic, pulsating beats, tropical percussion and the purest of pop sensibilities- all wrapped in a cloud of strawberry-scented smoke. Before they’d barely wiped the sand from their shoes, recordings were sought and played by radio across Australia, they were the first Australian band to be picked up by Pitchfork sister site Altered Zones, and the track ‘Toolz’ premiered at Spring Fashion Week this September. Look for Spellbinder‘s digital release on November 1st and its vinyl release Nov. 22nd.

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