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Wicked Witches of the South:R. Stevie Moore, Mike Watt supergroup

wickedwitchesofthesouthpic Wicked Witches of the South:R. Stevie Moore, Mike Watt supergroup

Wicked Witches of the South are like the lofi equivalent of an Audioslave or a Velvet Revolver minus a painfully ridiculous band name, plus an appropriate taste level/relevance. A supergroup, if you will. They consist of R. Stevie Moore, Régis Laugier,  Mike Watt, and Frédéric Landini. The project is internet based and each of the members are relatively well known in their own right. If you are a regular reader of Sick of the Radio, it would be practically impossible not to have some familiarity with R. Stevie Moore.  He has made over 400 hundred recordings starting around 1968. To put it in perspective, my parents were 6 at the time, and the best selling record that year was Are You Experienced by Jimi Hendrix. Just saying, he’s kind of prolific. Kind of a big deal. Régis Laugier, bassist and lead vocalist of Hifiklub, who coincidentally do a great great cover of “Alecia” on the R. Stevie Moore Tribute Album Vol. 2 “New Wave Moons” if you haven’t heard it, I seriously recommend giving it a listen. Frederic Landini of the very fun, and very awesome Get Back Guinozzi, who I will also mention have an album called Carpet Madness coming out on the 26th of October, btw  , and Mike Watt of Minutemen, also part of the reunited Stooges, and definitely one of the better known bass players of the last couple decades.

Their personal accomplishments and projects aside, Wicked Witches of the South are not at all what I was expecting, in the most surprising and pleasant way possible. If you go to their website, to hear their first single, an homage to their name, I don’t think you will find a lot of similarities to their other respective works. It feels like a real band of uniquely talented people rather than an unnecessary continuation of another project. To be honest, if I didn’t know any better, I would think this was a track from a solo record by Ian Brown of the Stone Roses  just saying. Listen to “Getting High”, or his Cover of “Thriller” or any song from his myspace and this WWOTS side by side.  Am I the only one who makes this comparison? Possibly. That said, I have listened to this song about 300 times this week, and I am obsessed with the website. Head on over and see what you think  http://twwots.com/.

Article by: Rachel

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