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Guest Post: Dream Boat on V/Vm’s James Kirby

 Guest Post: Dream Boat on V/Vms James Kirby
Guest post from Dream Boat:
V/Vm is James Kirby. He’s been around since 1996, and while I don’t know how popular he is, or anyone else that listens to him for that matter, I think his music is the predecessor to a lot of the work people are putting out now- especially in the genres I enjoy. In 2000 he put out an album called Sick Love; a compilation of love songs he’s remixed. The one track that I can’t stop playing, and recently found out gained some popularity in the UK, is “The Lady in Red (Is Dancing with Meat)“. The way it worms around you is particularly eerie and unapproachable. It’s nothing that you want to play on a first date.
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