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Sonar Life Gazing, Gazing Through Mountains & Minds.

gazing Sonar Life Gazing, Gazing Through Mountains & Minds.

Gazing, Gazing is the first full length release from the Los Angeles based music project Universe. Following up 2009′s EP ‘Adventures‘, Universe has pushed itself further to create a bold, beautiful and unique album. Pulling in aspects of pop, psychedelic, new age, and bedroom rock; Gazing, Gazing is an optimistic and magical experience. Gazing, Gazing has a childish feel of relaxation with very mature lyrical themes and sounds. Hunter John, the projects creator hides nothing in his voice or lyrics. In an era where bands use heavy effects to hide behind; you can hear all his dreams, hopes, and fears. Gazing, Gazing can be enjoyed driving around with your four year old, or having a mind bending experience with your friends. Universe is universal.

Universe is the solo project of Hunter John which was inspired by a move to a small California mountain town, Hunter set out to shout back the beauty of the cliffs, peaks and canyons. Recorded in a small New England town – Gazing, Gazing was created on vintage analog synthesizers, guitars and other curious and unique instruments. Playing everything entirely by hand; the feel of the album is completely human and natural, as no midi was used on any of the electronics. Now based in L.A, Universe has played out at various festival, venues, secret locations, and has traveled the country playing here and there, giving Universe back to the universe.

Gazing Gazing was released October 10th, 2010 and is available on limited edition tapes and CDs. Buy the album and check out more at Universe’s Bandcamp

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