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charlie music Mp3:CHARLIE!

There’s many layers to CHARLIE!’s music, all differing in pace, style and tone. The songs are DIY yet clean-cut, almost as if they were created on GarageBand. One thing that each song has in common is irony. The irony of the unconventionality of such technically conventional beats, and the irony that the grooves and soul of CHARLIE!’s work are based on a near euphoric pop sound.

It’s worth noting that just about all of CHARLIE!’s songs are remixes, but I’d go as far to say that they all work as songs in their own right. ‘Falling in Love RMX’ has playful moments of retro nostalgia (one of its layers sounds like reverse Sonic) and crafted flakes of electro making it a song of undoubtedly dancing genius. The one non-remix ‘I Care’ is perhaps the best, and is less full on than ‘FIL RMX’ but still has plenty a dancebeat to it.

If you want a simple soundbite as to whether or not you should listen to CHARLIE!, here it is: if you (like me) like club music, but hate clubs, then go for it.

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