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PHOTOGRAPHY: Food for Thought

carl kleiner 19 PHOTOGRAPHY: Food for Thought

Food has long been an inspiration for artists and photographers from the moment one learns how to paint still life from a bowl of fruit to cooking with a myriad of colourful veggies to create edible art. But food is manipulated differently in the photographs of Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner. While he uses his lens for other intriguing projects and fashion shoots, Stockholm native Kleiner’s simplest works utilizing sugars, chocolate, fruit and vegetables to create Art Attack-esque designs from a bird’s eye view and thematic figurines to represent sex are by far his most ambitious, thoughtful pieces.

carl kleiner cake PHOTOGRAPHY: Food for Thought

macho 9 PHOTOGRAPHY: Food for Thought

macho PHOTOGRAPHY: Food for Thought

It is interesting to note that the cleanest pieces he creates are titled, among other things, as “Ikea.” Perhaps he has been so heavily influenced by the furnishing giant that these pieces are subverting or commenting harshly on the idea of simple, organized design.

carl kleiner 3 PHOTOGRAPHY: Food for Thought

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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