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ART: Politically Vibrant

nina chanel abney ART: Politically Vibrant

The art work of New York based artist Nina Chanel Abney is at first quite startlingly beautiful. The images are striking as Abney utilizes bold and vibrant colour schemes, which becomes the initial impression. Within seconds of staring at each piece in her body of work, Abney’s political messages become quite clear. She cleverly captures common images of people we may know in our lives and subverts them to a baser form. By doing so, Abney’s images, which may appear crude at first, become expressive pictorial representations of the way in which our world is now. Her picture “Your Gig is Up” shows the simple yet effective image of rubber gloves as dirty work. Each piece is smart in its provocative design to illicit a some kind of internal political action, if not only a somewhat intelligent response, than just passively looking at another pretty picture.

nina chanel abney art ART: Politically Vibrant

your gig is up ART: Politically Vibrant

the teaparty after hours ART: Politically Vibrant

thieves oblivion ART: Politically Vibrant

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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