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Total Bummer Fest: (g)Lo(w)-Fi (or just obscure band) Music Festival March 26-28

totalbummer fest Total Bummer Fest: (g)Lo(w) Fi (or just obscure band) Music Festival March 26 28

Tired of getting beat up by by some meth-head in a porto-potty at Bonnaroo? Is the triple digit heat at Coachella reducing your sperm count? Not anymore, say hello to Total Bummer Fest. Total Bummer is a Lo-Fi (or just obscure band) music festival going down March 26-28 (better get on your bike now) in the wonderfully, murky taint of America that we call Gainesville, Florida. With a total of 90 Band–including Jacuzzi Boys, Woven Bones, Prince Rama and more–playing in venues and art spaces all around the swamp, Total Bummer Fest‘s lineup is sure to contradict its name in so many different and weird ways.

William M. Bass

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