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Mp3: The Spookfish

the spookfish Mp3: The Spookfish

The Spookfish describes himself as shoegaze, but this only applies to a mere fraction of his work. What dominates is a clean, warped ambience created from the ashes of a synth band. There’s elements of lo-fi buried in amongst the experimental grooves, but these influences are canceled out by drum machines orchestrating a near empty choir of quirky keyboard beats.

The anti-euphoria of Daysomething has unconventional bends ironically freshening the musical side of your brain. ‘Clouds’ is perhaps the nicest track, and not surprisingly the most lightweight; it doesn’t get sucked into itself or try to hold the soothing atmosphere.

Give the band a listen and hear the rich modesty of The Spookfish for yourself.

Article by: Hamish Gibson

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