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Guest Post: No Joy on METZ

metz Guest Post: No Joy on METZ
Guest post from No Joy:
Like many people in their early 20s, I have a short attention span, I generally don’t care about hearing new things until I’ve been barraged at all angles to check them out, and a lot of the time I pretend to like things because other people think they’re cool. Needless to say it wouldn’t be a stretch for me to say METZ is the best band I’ve seen play and not actually have a clue about what I am saying. However, I can genuinely say that this isn’t the case. When I accidentally stumbled upon METZ playing in a dingy metal bar on a rainy night in Montreal, I was completely floored. Their energy, composition and overall sonic attack drew me in to the point that I could feel a bundle of excitement growing inside me (think Jesus Lizard meets Drive Like Jehu). After the show I nervously went up to see if they had any releases for sale, but they hadn’t yet recorded anything, and I walked away too soon to hear when they would (they are all ridiculously good looking, so I had reason to be nervous). I followed this band until I had the opportunity to play with them a few years later. That’s when we became the best of friends. Now METZ have three limited 7″ releases on We Are Busy Bodies and are working on a full length to be released in 2011. Their latest of 7″ (Negative Space/Automat) displays a more experimental side of METZ that excites me and promises that their LP will blow every similar minded band out of the water. I would also like to note that I am no longer nervous when talking to them.
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