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Mp3: Raindeer EP download

raindeer Mp3: Raindeer EP download

Raindeer-Dark Place

Download six tracks from their debut EP HERE

Playful keyboards ring in euphoria and a well informed innocence that blend together to form the creative post-new-wave group Raindeer. With precise timing, this childlike synth pop is both heartwarming and and, in the most ironic of ways, down to earth.

‘From the Lagoon’ sounds like a Casio reworking of ‘Ob-la-di, Obl-la-da’, with nostalgic influences shining through. But despite successfully attributing much of their sound to their predecessors, the band’s modernised sound makes itself perfectly evident and the Baltimore three-piece’s natural progression in music is undeniable, however technically retro they may seem.

Such maturity is rare in experimental pop music (most in this genre tend to exert more pre-adolesence than their birth certificate might suggest e.g. YACHT or Dan Deacon), and it could even be argued that said maturity hinders the true potential of Raindeer, but their anti-nostalgia is still refreshing in its own abstract way.

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