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ART: Emotion in the Motion

stephanie davidson art ART: Emotion in the Motion

Toronto native Stephanie Davidson has an interesting artistic vision. Combining the movement of life with the static nature of art, Davidson creates a multi-layered visual representation that juxtaposes images with motion without creating a film. Davidson’s interests include art, motion and programming and it is safe to say that all of these, plus more creative elements, appear in her work. Ranging from collage pieces to GIFs to sketches, Davidson’s amounted work is vast in its scope and very inclusive. All areas are subject to her creative prowess.

stephanie davidson ART: Emotion in the Motion

eternal spirit ART: Emotion in the Motion

62 eternalmetalcore stephanie ART: Emotion in the Motion

sketchbook ART: Emotion in the Motion
The images that appear in her “Collage” section feel like three dimensional kaleidoscope pictures: they move off the canvas and seem to swirl with every blink. Each image is multi-layered and multi-dimensional without being campy or looking childish. They grasp our attention in a way that is meant to illicit a stronger optical response and make us work to capture all of what is featured in that one singular, whole image.

stephanie davidson art 1 ART: Emotion in the Motion

families piles of leaves ART: Emotion in the Motion
The most striking collage featured is her take on the famous Canadian art group, The Group of Seven. By pairing real hands with detailed acrylic nails and designs with the peaceful, calm landscape of Canadian lands, Davidson poses a real argument in her work. The fake, plastic nature of our beauty versus that of what is “real” outdoor beauty in our landscape is something to be pondered. What really is beautiful? The three dimensional appearance of the hand on the existing picture enhances the argument because it feels tangible, closer and not static like the Group of Seven image.

group of seven I ART: Emotion in the Motion

You can see Stephanie Davidson’s works here or visit her Tumblr.

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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