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The Myonics

the myonics1 The Myonics

The Myonics – Clusterfuck

The Myonics – Mama Don’t

Juxtaposing foot-stamping and teeth showing instrumentals against slightly off-kilter vocals, there’s a unique combination heard in San Francisco’s band The Myonics. The eight-piece group together blends sounds harking from Pavement to Sebadoh, soul-pleasing trumpets, and some distinctly more modern grunge-esque influences.

While the band’s sound doesn’t stretch far beyond its boundaries, it’s almost impossible to tell what is coming next. The tracks range from the anti-rock of ‘Join the Marines‘ to the intensely pleasing ‘I’m Not Ready’, and then all the way to the lo-fi agnosticism of  ‘I Don’t Care’ the song name strongly giving away the intent behind it.

It’s never something to shout about when a band fails to break out of the small space of sound they’ve found themselves in, but The Myonics have turned this ideology on its head by exhausting every possible space of their self-dug indie sound.

Get over to the Myonics bandcamp and check out their newest album “Digits” which was just released September 28,. 2010:

“The Myonics return with this enigmatic EP, evidence of the short-lived and seldom-spoken-of East Coast lineup, and the marking of the first appearance of many a new member to the fold. Sleek reverb, incessant melodies and sheer noise collide on this 13-minute epic meditation.”

The Myonics Bandcamp

Article by: Hamish Gibson

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