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HARLEM Back in Austin Texas @ Mohawk

Harlem at Mohawk

‘Last Saturday was a fine night for an outdoor show in Austin. It was that perfect Goldilocks weather situation. By 11 o’clock, the time had come for Harlem to bring their brand of Garage Pop Rock back to Mohawk’s.  As the band nonsensically bantered back and forth before the set, it slowly became clear that they had not played in Austin for a while (their current place of residence), and they were ready for a good show.

The set was comprised mostly of songs from their new album “Hippies,” and in normal fashion for the band, they switched up instruments about two thirds of the way through the night. Personally, the first arrangement was my favorite as it had more of my favorite songs  such as  “Gay Human Bones” and “Someday Soon.” Honestly the whole damn show was pretty fricken ridiculous!

Midway through the night, a man in very tiny black shorts decided to get on the stage to dance. Upon seeing that the band had no problem with this, he continued to do so. After 15 minutes of him dancing all around the stange, taking photos, face planting into the audience (more floor than audience) and pouring 3 beers on himself he got off stage and didn’t get back on. Next time I saw him he was being dragged out of the venue.

Overall it was a great night. The band sounded a lot better compared to the last time I saw them (Pre-SXSW) where the sound quality of the venue was less than adequate. On the other hand, I guess Harlem could have just had a really bad performance, but if that’s the case they totally redeemed themselves on Saturday.

HArlem at Mohawk

Check out the band’s myspace page.

By: Brad O’Donnell

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