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Better Bee good to me

gbv Better Bee good to me

Bee Thousand is not the best Guided by Voices album.

There is an unspoken notion that dictates conversation between Guided by Voices fans.  Allegiances reside, strongly, on either side of the “best album” decision.  Many tote an obnoxious affinity for Bee Thousand, but few are brave enough to speak up against the injustice.  Everyone who doesn’t think Alien Lanes is the best GBV album is no longer my friend.

Perhaps these people have not heard tracks like “Game of Pricks.”  Perhaps they prefer an insipid thirty-second piano ballad.  I do not know.  Regardless, Alien Lands boasts an incredibly groggy but masterful attempt at lazy nineties rock and I am not one to pass up a fantastic emblem of slackerdom.

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