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ART: Suck on This

freeze 0 ART: Suck on This

I consider myself a pretty open-minded person, especially when it comes to artistic expression.  But this show, “Freeze! Revisited” is absolutely despicable.  I ask the artists to what good is it for people to take these frozen, edible, cola and licorice flavored pieces of “art” , formed in the likeness of a gun and put it into their mouths and suck on it?  So they can better imagine what it would be like to blow your brains out?  Well that’s a useful contribution to humanity!  Perhaps you hate humanity?  I see no other reason in justifying this.  And the fact that a child was allowed to take part makes me sick.  Shame on you parents! and shame on you “artists”.  There is such a thing as respect for innocents.  You apparently do not have any and I would no sooner eat dog shit then stop and look at your work.

freeze 1 ART: Suck on This

freeze 21 ART: Suck on This

freeze 3 ART: Suck on This

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