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ART: Decay and Renewal in Technicolor

Wendell Gladstone, a Los Angeles based artist, creates a mosaic of death, decay, destruction and growth all in a beautiful blend of rich colors. His subject matter juxtaposes the harsh images of skulls, horses heads or skeletons with nature, trees, bright colourful images of growth. His style is like a mosaic. Each piece, each dot, in the image all form together to create a larger narrative indicative of the natural progression of life and death. The jarring images of death in contrast to the lively graphics of life and birth illustrate the cyclical rhythm of existence itself.

wendell gladstone 1 ART: Decay and Renewal in Technicolor

wendell gladstone 2 ART: Decay and Renewal in Technicolor
Pursue some of Wendell Gladstone’s work here.

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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