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Gary War’s ‘Horribles Parade’ revisited

garywar Gary Wars Horribles Parade revisited

Gary War-Scales

Gary War is kind of a secretive figure. He seems ambivalent and super psychedelic.  If the tracks streaming on his MySpace and LastFM pages are any indication, the latter is definitely true. Based out of New York, War is an experimental musician favouring a trippy sounding version of auto-tune but without all the B.S. of auto-tune. War’s pages share little information on himself and focus rather on the music he is creating. This, if anything, adds to the illusion that he creates in every sound on the newly released record, Horribles Parade.

Horribles Parade is a seventeen track mammoth of a record. Released in 2009, Horribles Parade feels like a constant journey through time and space at lightning warp speed but you’re also having a dance party during it. Notable tracks include the ever omniscient dance song “God Trip”, which feels more like dance spasms than any form of real dancing. Others include “Highspeed Drift”, “For Cobra” and “What You Are.”

The vocals on the record are quieter in favour of the audacious synth and remix quality of the record. It’s as if he remixes his work because whatever the original is it isn’t good enough. But Horrible Parade is and shows a variation from song to song, elaborating on the idea that music can create visceral and physical reactions. They are songs to move to, not merely be static during, and are meant even more to be catalysts for your synapses to positively explode in your brain. There should be a psychedelic mushroom cloud of awesome over your head after you finish listening to this record.

1. Highspeed Drift
2. Sold Out
3. See Right Thru
4. No Pay Off
5. For Cobra
6. Costumes
7. Clean Up
8. What You Are
9. Orange Trails
10. Nothing Moving
11. Anhedonic Man
12. Everything
13. Next Year
14. Carleen’s Yard
15. Scales
16. God’s Tip
17. Using

Also look for Gary Wars upcoming record “Police Water” 12″/cd ep and “New Raytheonport” re-issue LP out soon on Sacred Bones

Download a few tracks from Horribles Parade and the full album New Raythenonport HERE

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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