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Dolphins, Balancing Bones & American Weather. Liek

Liekasshadow Dolphins, Balancing Bones & American Weather. Liek

Liek might be dead. This was information passed on from Liek himself. Unfortunately the project is musically dormant. He has morphed into a shadow, disappeared under colorfalls, and possibly fell under the spell of the forest of skreeing trees. While Liek may be on an adventure to the undying lands of Aman, its creator Hektor Fontanez is flourishing. He can be found between being a core member of New York’s classical guitar themed Twi The Humble Feather, to the newly formed hard hitting psychedelic rock project Imaginary Weapons. All these projects show various flips and twists that Fontanez is capable of preforming in his eclectic career. He was even the voice of Matt on MTV’s animated show Downtown! In the long run of it all, Hektor Fontanez loves music.

While Twi The Humble Feather and Imaginary Weapons have both succeeded in musical milestones, including a Twi European tour opening for José González, and a Imaginary Weapons song with instrumentation that would make Joy Division proud (She’s A Monster). Liek, a smaller scaled project has something a bit more to it. While the songs sway in and out of each other; telling numerous stories of far away lands, strange creatures, and only things seen by Liek, you know at the core these songs are personal. They are Hektor. Music should make you curious. It should excited and sometimes even confuse. When listening to Liek, one may feel a bit out of place with the stories, as if coming in half way to a conversation: two people talking about an amazing book you’ve never heard of. While that may usually be an awkward event, for some reason with Liek it’s okay. Fontanez lets you know that it’s okay to not know the entire story. He encourages you to make up your own chapters to his stories; filling in pieces from your own thoughts and memories to complete your own beautiful childhood tales you never knew were there. His song Colorfalls is a good example. The song is a fluttery, wild and safe canoe ride down a rapid river. You must reach those colorfalls. It’s the only thing on Liek’s mind. “till we reach the color falls, until we reach the colorfalls”. His voice is convincing. He is so excited to show us these falls, and 3/4′s through the song, you too will only want to see these mysterious colorfalls.

A unique and special break from his beautiful stories is a tiny ballad entitled American Weather. On this track Liek crosses over to a very sincere place. You can tell this song is personal. It’s sung clearly. It’s bold, simple and strangely emotional. A song like this crosses over from Liek, and pushes right on through to Hektor. These are the types of songs that sometimes make you feel closer to an artist that you do to yourself. In these discoveries of strange forests, rapid rivers, humble feathers, and imaginary weapons; one must ask themselves…Where is Liek? Is he really dead? Is he just dormant? Perhaps the answer is that Liek has evolved. Maybe if we all really believe; if we fill in the rest of Liek’s stories, just maybe he will rise up in his new evolved state and spin more musical mysteries for us to fall asleep to and slowly form new loves for.

Continue with more stories of pirates, floods, and silver clouds over at Liek’s Myspace.

Article by Hunter Skowron

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