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ART: The Vader Invasion

Josh agle Darth Tipua ART: The Vader Invasion
Darth Vader’s mask is one of the most iconic symbols in the science fiction community. You don’t even have to have seen one of the Star Wars films to recognize the character. Which brings us to The Vader Project, a collection of various Darth Vader masks up for auction.

darth vadar project ART: The Vader Invasion
Unavader ART: The Vader Invasion
Carmen Mirandarth ART: The Vader Invasion
Each one of them is uniquely designed and decorated, whilst still being recognizable as the famous villain. These masks could be a valued gift for any fan, or the finishing touch to a Vader collection. Either way, these creative masks will make you think differently about the villain. Check ‘em out here!

The Vader Project

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