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HOLY BALM: still elusive


Aussie 3-piece Holy Balm brew heady dork-dance jams, made to be smothered on the chests of robots to invigorate their, er, circuitry, or some shit. Robots, that is, that communicate with melodicas that stick out of their giant shiny robo-domes, and clank up against one another in smoky underground bars, bleeping happily and doing shots with their little retractable pneumatic arms, of course. To clarify, check Holy Balm’s bewildering 4 year old interview with In the Raw, which consists of the band shouting ‘Holy Balm!’ at one another and gargling in unison. Holy Balm are unsigned, and only release cassettes at their shows in Australia, so good luck with that one.

YouTube Preview Image

Richard Greenan.

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