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Small Black: New Chain

smallblack Small Black: New Chain

Having had “Despicable Dogs” land on Pitchfork.com’s Best New Music list back in 2009, Small Black have themselves as a tough act to follow as their debut release approaches. New Chain, the debut album from Small Black, will be released Oct. 26 with much anticipation. The Brooklyn based outfit are hotly tipped as one of the best new indie bands out of the Burroughs of New York. A year after winning over die hard indie music critics, Small Black find themselves in a precarious position to please not only fans of their EPs but solidly move rock journalists to their side.

Some of the tracks on New Chain are provided on the band’s MySpace page and tracks “Photojournalist” and “Bad Lover” so quite a bit of promise. Their sound is denser than some experimental dance pop groups. The darkness of the vocals combined with the fast tempo and synth beats of the melody create a patchwork quilt of indie awesomeness.  The songs seem appropriate for both clubs and solitary listening; the ambivalence of the vocals and lyrics allow for their music to be adaptable in either realm.

Full track listing via pitchfork.com:

01 Camouflage
02 Search Party
03 Hydra
04 Photojournalist
05 Crisp 100s
06 Goons
07 Light Curse
08 New Chain
09 Panthers
10 Invisible Grid

Available Oct. 26, 2010.
Label: Jagjaguwar

Written By: Sarah MacDonald

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