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Oklahoma; A Lands Bejelewed

landsbejeweled2 Oklahoma; A Lands Bejelewed

Listening to Lands Bejeweled Falls somewhere between a summer drive in the country ending with a cook out, to flipping through an old year book; reading all the old notes left by ancient friends and selfish forgotten faces all telling you not to change. You’ve changed. Lands is formed of two curious Oklahoman souls – front man and singer Oz Davidson, a part time plumber and life time film maker with a love of John Hughes, flicks like Local Hero, Julian Donkey Boy, and Hobojungle, and fan proclaimed “best drummer in America”, Matthew Kidder. Lands Bejeweled is a very rare type of musical endeavor. There songs all in their own ways sprinkle ultra cool garage rock with honest and sentimental themes, lyrics, and melodies. When listening one may be reminded of bands like Miracle Legion, Polaris and even sometimes early R.E.M. Davidson’s lyrics are full of charm, innocence; sometimes even brilliant unintelligible babble, like on I Can’t Dance.

Sonically Lands Bejeweled sounds as if it’s constantly moves back and forth from garages, to bedrooms, backyards, cookouts and cafes. While they make it work, sometimes its hard to tell whether the low fidelity qualities of their recordings are intentional, or a product of there situations. this usually adds to the bands excitement. There’s no worry if the highs are blown out, no hiding under to many effects; just songs. It’s raw and refreshing. This is literally music made in a garage, and not for genres sake. The amount of sentiment that Davidson put in his lyrics is bold. He’s not afraid to tell you about his worries, his sad days and playful childhood memories. Davidson just wants you to hear his songs. He’s had an interesting life and he wants you to know. He’s cracked some ribs on the job? Song. Pete & Pete nostalgia? Song. Northern Exposure…?

Sometimes it’s even possible to look at Lands as a John Hughes flick. Davidson puts the same playfulness and hip attitude that Hughes put into his stories.  There’s the jokes, love stories, and a nostalgic feel and seriousness that Hughes is known for. Davidson makes it work very well in song form; so well that it’s surprising a few unnamed contemporary musicians can’t come down off their fakes pampered pedestals, admit they are really just corporate slaves, plumbers, or retail phonies, and just have some god damn fun after their 9-5 is over. Their song It’s All right, It’s Okay pays homage to the famous cult classic American Movie, a documentary about a struggling Midwestern film maker. One scene has the protagonist of the film trying to get his semi senile Uncle Bill to recite the line: “It’s all right, it’s okay. There’s something to live for”. Davidson turns an impossible line for Uncle Bill to say and blends it into a beautifully crafted and personal chorus. Lands Bejeweled is truly a working mans band and in the end is just trying to have some serious sentimental fun. Be it John Hughes, The Adventures of Pete & Pete,  Uncle Bill, or any feel good childhood memory; make a tape, CD, mini disc, or load your iPod with some Lands Bejeweled. Get in your car,  pretend Artie (the strongest man it the world!) is right by your side. Drive off to a barbecue and have a good time. In November, Davidson and Kidder will take some time off their 9-5′s and head down to Austin to record an EP.

Have some serious fun over at Lands bejeweled’s Myspace

Article by Hunter Skowron

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