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Guest Post: Procedure Club on the FNU Ronnies

fnu roonies Guest Post: Procedure Club on the FNU Ronnies
Guest post from Andrea of the Procedure Club:

“Lately I’ve been listening to FNU Ronnies and loving them. It’s hard for me to describe this band, but I adore their fuzzed-out distortion, their thickness and texture of the recordings, and their melodies that dissolve into heavy antics. It’s raw and it’s all over the place…a bit messy I suppose, which shows that they seem to have a nice sense of reckless abandon, or a refreshing sense of humor, to which it’s fun to listen. I met the frontman not too long ago and he was a really awesome guy, which made the music better, because there’s nothing like loving a band or a record and then finding that the band is a bunch of people that you can’t respect at all. Not the case with the FNU Ronnies guy that I’ve met. We’ve been listening to this as we drive back across the US to New England from the West Coast. I tend to like music that is more dissonant, and I am pretty sure that the same could be said for Adam.”

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