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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend!

wburg fashion weekend Williamsburg Fashion Weekend!
While Vogue’s Anna Wintour and her cronies dominated Lincoln Center and Manhattan’s West Side this past week with their version of fashion, the real worthwhile talented designers can be found in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this weekend. For the seventh season, Williamsburg Fashion Weekend will be celebrating indie fashion designers who are truly the artists on the outskirts of the fashion community. There is no need for traditional runway shows here; the designers are unique and innovative in their presentations combining live music, dancers and “mixed media extravaganzas” of all shapes and sizes.

So if you’re lucky enough to be in or around New York City this weekend (September 17th and 18th) head on over to Glasslands Gallery on Kent Avenue, and drop $8 to get your fill of the strange and wonderful world of fashion, Williamsburg style.

Get a list of the designers and more info here.

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