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Gross Relations: Some Messy, Gooey, Lo-Fi Fun

gross relations Gross Relations: Some Messy, Gooey, Lo Fi Fun

There’s nothing quite like noise early in the morning, or mid-afternoon, or all night long for that matter. Gross Relations, a new band (like brand spankin’ new), from Brooklyn is your answer to distorted chaos… the kind you never knew your life was missing until you hear it. They’re unsigned, they don’t yet have an album, but man, are they are good, or rather great.

According to their MySpace page, they cite The Pixies, Smog, Jawbreaker and The Misfits among their influences… yeah, you do the math. One of their songs is called “Fuzzy Timelines,” and if that isn’t the most apropos in regards to what you can expect from this band, then I don’t know what is.

They’re currently working on their first 7” and should be done very soon. Now you have a reason to buy a new turntable… because a band like this is going to sound incredible on vinyl.

Download the “You Don’t Know Me” demo here.

By: Amanda Chatel

Upcoming shows (sorry, rest of the world, they’re sticking close to home for now):

12 Sep: Pianos, NYC

13 Sep: Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY

25 Sep: COCO66, Brooklyn, NY

14 Oct: Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, NY

29 Oct: Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY

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