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Guest Post: Shy Violet on Prom Concussion

prom concussion4 Guest Post: Shy Violet on Prom Concussion

Guest post from Shy Violet:

Prom Concussion-Birds view

“Kevin (Shrew) Buckholdt¬† resides in a mouse sized house outside washington, D.C. programming old drum machines to pulse along his quivery voice and solid keyboards, with the resulting sound being something like walking under the brown-orange street lights while the cicada’s hum is dying down for autumn. It’s a mouth-full, but a mouth-full of cheese i suppose.

I’ve only known Shrew for a little while now. About two years ago i sent him the album I just finished up at the time and ever since we’ve been very close. Playing shows and making tapes, I’ve found my biggest inspiration. Prom Concussion is slow, pretty, sad and sweet. There are some songs that would be the perfect soundtrack to meeting your biggest crush in the graveyard at dark, & some about white sheets on Sunday mornings, wood floors on wednesday afternoons — driving on Ohio highways spinning cassette tapes.

Sad & sweet Prom Concussion is, but there are also deviant dance songs. Swirling organs on top of bumpin’ bass lines and drum beats. Warning us humans about setting up mouse traps before bed. Synthesizer tones to scare your cats black and unlucky. everything they wouldn’t play at your middle school prom.. unless you went to school in Transylvania.¬† “Wainscoting, Sweet Wainscoting” is a 15 song collection of all the things you feel at night, and some of the things that you’ll never be able to feel again. All set to the hiss of cassette tapes.”

-Shy Violet

Also check out Prom Concussions split with Shy Violet, the first batch sold out, but they made 25 more on dark blue cassettes, check P.C. myspace here for more info.

prom concussion split Guest Post: Shy Violet on Prom Concussion

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