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Headless Horseman:Memories of What’s to Come

Headless Horseman Headless Horseman:Memories of Whats to Come


Once in a while a band comes along with a sound that is purely sui generis. Occasionally the public will become aware of such zeitgeists; however, these bands mostly languish in obscurity–relegated to the insider mumblings of record store clerks and other elitists.

As if from a not too far away planet, or Iceland, Headless Horsemen are just this. While referencing everything from the poly-valent vocals of theĀ  The Dirty Projectors to the alien screeching of Sigur Ros, the band’s influences are apparent but not plagiarized.

Nevertheless, Headless Horseman’s sheer ability when it comes to crafting pop music has few parallels. Acoustic/digital instruments, creative vocals, and clever arrangements make Headless Horseman a breathtaking listen: the sound of what is happening Now.

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