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If by now you haven’t realized that over-hyped rich kid bands are out, and the sounds of kids jamming in their basement in the true American fashion is in, let Butte, Montana’s Mordecai set your thoughts straight.  I don’t know a single thing about these kids, their names, what they do for a living, where they came from, or what they like to do for fun – or even if they’re kids – but god dammit, they’ve made some of the best music I’ve heard in years, and probably some of the only new music that has given me some hope that there actually IS good new music out there.

I’m really curious what these guys are into, because I’ve never heard the most perfect blend of Killed By Death-style punk, no wave, the A Frames, and junky lo-fi punk.  It sort of comes out sounding a lot like Tyvek (the vocals really sound a lot like Kevin’s), I suppose if I had to peg it with some kind of similarity, but these guys really deserve a solid, honest listen. These guys don’t have anything out, as far as I know, but I suppose if you dug around hard enough, you could find some of their demos on the Internet. I don’t often think this sort of thing, but if any band ever NEEDED to put out a proper release right now, it’s these guys.

Article: Rad Cravenly

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