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Love Like Love: Love Like Deloreans

love like deloreans Love Like Love: Love Like Deloreans

From their beginnings as krautrock inspired semi-rockers, to their synthesizer filled “fly me to mars and I don’t want to come back” later work, they have covered many bases and covered it very well. The first time I heard Love Like Deloreans, or LLD, It was a shaky little 4 track mystery called “How To get Along with Others”. I instantly checked off a few factors in things that make songs enjoyable. The song’s palette was refreshing, bold, and big. It had actual leads! it had tangible melodies! It has a mysterious “what’s behind that mountain” feel; the song wanders, wonders and asks questions which are by the end answered, yet leaves you wanting more. More LLD!

An interesting fact on LDD is their roster of musicians. You have Lorna Krier, Peter Pearson, and Derek Muro – Two Wisconsiners plus one Long Islander. Lorna and Peter have extensive music backgrounds, and Derek joins in litterally with synths in his blood….His dad made Korg synth demos in the 80s. When you put these three together, it’s not just three Brooklyn 20 somethings who thought it would be cool to have a band. What you have here is a very calculated, very precise, and very fun equation of mega synth loaded songs, packed with creative, catchy melodies, quirky rhythms, and genius presentation. This isnt just a synth band. It is projected so well, and done so impressively that you’ll forget it’s only electronics. Seeing a Love Like Deloreans show is the cheapest therapy session you’ll ever have. Regardless of your mood prior, you’re going to get up, you’re going to look around, see no laptops, no sequencers and accept the fact that these are three amazingly talented people, playing entire songs on synths by hand. You’re going to forget your overdraft statements, fights with your significant other or parents. You’ll never pay for therapy ever again.

For some “at home therapy sessions” to listen to on the comfort of laying on your own couch, you can pick up LLD’s self tilted debut, out on Friendly Ghost!

Article by: Hunter Skowron

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