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QUARANTINE THE PAST: Rock n rooollllllllll

shredding QUARANTINE THE PAST: Rock n rooollllllllll

I hear you can shred….

Every couple of weeks, I dig myself into a nihilistic hole and find that the only solution is to O.D. on heavy riffs. I’m talkin’, like, mondo-shredding; riffin’ the shit out of shit all night long. Licks so hard that they are the only part of the song that matters. When an isolated five second sound clip of the groove is all you need of that track to get by. Those riffs.

When I hear a good riff, I assure you I am on that shit…like a hawk. I spot and study it, elegantly hovering above its beauty with the grace and perfected mystique of a fucking thousand year old bald eagle. I then abduct the riff and hold it in my hands like a newborn baby. Immediately following that, I’m stuff it into a tiny pouch so I can carry it with me at all times and run away laughing with the fury of a thousand suns. I don’t mess around when it comes to riffs.

This piece of gnarly riffage is one of my favorites. This particular groove is originally from the somewhat well-known song “Security” originally done by croonmaster (and noteable love of my elementary school life) Otis Redding, garagified by Thane Russal, and fantastically modernized in the track “Fish Fight” by recently-deceased gods-among-men King Khan & BBQ.

The evolution of a riff is a beautiful thing.

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Cassandra Gillig.

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