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FASHION: Tom Selleck, Eat Your Heart Out

MUSTACHE BANADA FASHION: Tom Selleck, Eat Your Heart Out

Mustache embellishments are officially no longer just a “trend”; they’re an iconic mark of today’s generation, the kind of kitschy token this era will best be remembered ironically for, in the same vein as the hula hoop, pet rock,  or day-glo accessories.  The mustache is today’s Izod lizzard, an instantly recognizable statement of brand; that brand being a universal collective, a hat-tip to the ironic hipster fashion sentiment. We’ve seen mustaches adorn everything from t-shits to jewelry to glassware and more.  So what’s left to print a cartoon handlebar mustache on?

Behold, the “Mustache Bandana”!  What better way to show your tongue is firmly in your cheek?  If you’re not up for donning one as a disguise just yet, try one in lieu of a headband or a more traditional necklace.

If you’re still not convinced this look is for you, check out ARCHICRAFT’s adorable ETSY SHOP If only all our grandparents were that twee…

By Rebecca Rose

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